chill , child , spot , pot を組み合わせた造語。

2020年11月 1stEP を高校在学中にリリース。
2021年1月にSpotify が今年躍進を期待する次世代アーティスト、「RADAR Early Noise 2021」に選出、
7月にYouTube Music が世界中の注目アーティストを支援するプログラム「Foundry」 に選出され、 大きな注目を集めている。
作詞・作曲も担当するVo. 比喩根から自然と溢れ出すグルーヴと、異なる音楽ルーツを持つメンバー全員で 形造る楽曲は、なぜか中毒性があり、一瞬で彼女らの渦に飲まれる。

chilldspot - a band name combining word “chill, child, spot, pot”.
All members were born in 2002. Four menber band from Tokyo.

They were formed and started activity in December 2019.
They released their first EP, "the youth night" in November 2020.
They are attracting attention as Spotify has been selected as "RADAR: Early Noise 2021"
an next-generation artist who expects a breakthrough in 2021.
With much groove and genre-less, carefree attitude that their music offers,
they playfully open doors for next phase.Hiyune (Vo.) writes music and lyrics,
and band members having various different roots in music, their songs are addictive
and steal the hearts instantly of those who hear it.